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EYFS and Primary Distance Learning

The success of our Distance Learning Plans is a partnership and is dependent on careful planning by our dedicated school leaders and teachers, appropriate pupil motivation and engagement, and strong parent support for this alternative mode of instruction. The result of such learning experiences will expand pupil academic progress and attend to pupil social and emotional well-being. Our Primary Distance Learning Plans will continue to be reviewed and altered when appropriate.

Ms Nicola Wardlaw, Deputy Head of EYFS and Primary

State of emergency, Autumn 2020

Following the government announcement, please note, that following applies to our school:

  • all schools closed from Wednesday 14/10, so our year groups from Y2 to Y6 will be on distance learning until (and including) Friday 20th November 2020.

  • pre-schools stay open, i.e. Nessie, Sibeliova and Year 1 at Norbertov.

  • All pupils are scheduled to return to school on Monday 23rd November unless the government issues new instructions between now and then;

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